We began our journey into the world of insurance in 2004 after Nina graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Finance.  Nina focuses on personal insurance such as home and auto.  Eric graduated from Clemson with a degree in Industrial Management and worked at BMW Manufacturing.  Eric joined Nina in 2006 and primarily  focuses on insuring small businesses.

In founding our agency, we believed that we should always live by the maxim of the golden rule.  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  If we treat you well and act in your best interest first and foremost, a long-standing relationship will build itself.

Because we are an independent agency, we have access to numerous insurance companies and we are able to shop the rates so that you don't have to.  We are free to choose from the best companies and find that one which serves your needs.  We do not work for the insurance company, we work for you.  We will assess your needs, match them with an insurance offer and allow you to make the final choice.  We hope you will choose to partner with us.

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